1992 BMW 740i

It doesn’t have to be the most expensive or newest cars that I want to get my hands on and start detailing right away.
This 1992 BMW 740i has all the right reasons that make an extensive detail worth it.
1 owner, 26 years old, 271.000km on the odometer, 90% is original paint, never been polished before, mechanical this car is almost new, still been serviced by an original BMW dealership and the owner still wants only the best for his beloved BMW.
Now that is what I call true love for a car!

The paint defects were present in big numbers, some of them very deep and there were white paint drops all over the passenger side.
Also the paint thickness was very low so we had to be careful!
But nothing we couldn’t handle!

The paint was very dull, you didn’t need a Scangrip light to notice.
After two very long days polishing we protected the car with Gyeon Mohs.
Because this classic 7 Series deserves only the best coating brand!

We also cleaned the engine compartment, wheels and complete interior only using Gyeon products!

After a 40 hour detail, this BMW was ready to go home to his proud owner and did not expect this result at all.
This classic BMW has been restored to his former glory!

Big thanks to GYEON quartz and GYEON quartz Belgium for all used products.
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