1955 Porsche 356 Pre A

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The oldest Porsche 356 in the world that ever got a Gyeon treatment.

We are proud that we had a 63 year old visitor this week.
This 1955 Porsche 356 Pre A is one of the first Porsche 356 ever build.
It took two years to restore this Porsche to a brand new factory level.
Matching number, the original colors,.. this is how this 356 left the factory in 1955!

It was a friend of the owner that mentioned our name.
We met the owner at his home, did a paint inspection and had a talk with the owner which treatment the car needed.
It became a concourse Gyeon detail.
The car had to be finished for the Zoute Grand Prix (Knokke, Belgium).

It became clear that the paint had some paint defects, but nothing too serious.
Also the interior, engine compartment, chrome,.. all needed a good clean and protection.

– The paint was polished in two steps and got 2 layers Gyeon Mohs.
– The glass was also polished and got a Gyeon View treatment.
– The leather was cleaned with Gyeon leather cleaner and protected with Gyeon Leathershield.
– The wheels and exhaust tips with Gyeon Rim.
– All chroom was cleaned and protected with Swissvax.
– The painted dashboard, fuel tank and some small details got a Swissvax Concorso wax.

We invited Lorenzo Hamers Photography for a professional shoot, the owner will get these pictures for free.